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Come From Away Reviews

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Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (3.9 Stars)

Number of reviews: 34



5.0 star rating Joy Elbert from Los Angeles, California


I was so moved by the play in New York, could not wait to see it again in Los Angeles with my friends and family. I am so looking forward to seeing the tour cast in Dec. at the Music Center. It is truly a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone. It reminds us how 9/11 changed us all.

5.0 star rating Nancy from Barkhamsted


My cousin is one of the passengers on whom the play is based. It’s an extraordinary adaptation of extraordinary events. I’ve seen it nine times on Broadway and it’s always new.

5.0 star rating Julia watson from Ottawa, Ontario


we saw this show in NYC last summer and were amazed at the whole production and cast! Its a wonderful heart lifting story of Canadian east coast culture and how resilient they can be during a sudden crisis.. was very proud of being Canadian . You will laugh ,and cry during many touching moments. One cast plays both the passengers AND the Newfoundlanders. Impressive.

5.0 star rating Helen Bob Tape from Ottawa, Ontario


It was a superb play it catured the story line in a comical and accurate account we would take our teens or adult children to itour newfoundland friends from faraway will love it

5.0 star rating Lori Stokes from Friday Harbor, Washington


This play is absolutely excellent. Creative staging, beautiful musical score, heart-warming story, wonderful acting/singing, positive message. I saw it on Broadway and definitely plan to see it a second time when it comes to Seattle in 2018!

5.0 star rating Robin from San Francisco, California


I have listened to the soundtrack numerous times but seeing the show took it to an entirely different level. To find something positive from such a horrific event should remind us all to care for each other. I highly recommend this show. It is now my new favorite!

5.0 star rating Patty Bowman from Ontario, Canada


When my husband said he bought tickets to see Come From Away for the day after Christmas I was a bit disappointed. Afterwards I couldn't thank him enough. I told my sisters they HAD to take my dad when it arrives in Pittsburgh. Can't wait to hear their reviews. My mother was from Ontario and my Dad from New York. We were raised in Pittsburgh. This show is a remarkable, funny, serious, heartwarming & patriotic story, for both sides of the boarder.

5.0 star rating Lynn Victoria from Vancouver, British Columbia


I saw this when it opened on Broadway and absolutely loved it. This touring cast did a very good performance but there were sound issues for us on the mezzanine level. We missed about 30% of the spoken and singing dialogue as a result. The heavy Texan accent of the female airline captain was extremely difficult to decipher at times whereas the New York performance was 100% clear. Some of the Newfie dialogue was also extremely difficult to follow, even though I knew the story already. This was frustrating because my partner missed a lot of the details. Early in the performance, when the policeman described pulling over motorists and giving them a warning, the punchline got a laugh from some of the audience but the mezzanine audience could not really hear what he said regarding STFD. It was still a very enjoyable performance overall, but I was spoiled by having seen the original female lead on Broadway. She really was a standout whereas this cast was a solid performance among 12.

5.0 star rating Andrea Davis from Calgary, Alberta


Brilliant production, sharing drama, empathy and the gratitude of life. The strength and bond of the human spirit rises above all during times of crisis. I laughed and cried as I sat on the edge of my seat, recounting the night of our personal trauma. My husband and I survived the sinking of the Costa Concordia off the island of Giglio, Tuscan coast in 2012. We lived every moment with the cast recounting our own rescue on a “rock” that housed a permanent population of 700 people. On this night, each and every local came together to aid with the rescue of 4000 passengers and crew. Medical services, crisis centers, housing, warmth, food clothing and shelter. Schools, churched and homes were opened, phones and computers had no limit as we made calls to our beloved families and homeland embassies sharing tales of our survival and pleading for help to get back home. Tragically 32 people lost their lives on this night, never to be forgotten – R.I.P. Friendships were sealed when we returned to thank, hug and share wine with Friends that have bonded forever. Thanks to resuers'. WE LOVED EVERY MOMENT - THANKS YOU!

5.0 star rating Harry S. from Omaha, Nebraska


We LOVED CFA on Broadway in December and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see it in Omaha in 3/27/19 when it crossed our path there. Fantastic. The full house roared approval throughout. I’d forgotten how side-splittingly funny the show is in the middle portion and of course there wasn’t a dry eye in the theater when all is said and done. I’d like to single out Jane Bunting for kudos - Jen Colella is a tough act to follow but Ms Bunting was a superb Beverly Bass.

5.0 star rating Elizabeth from Kansas City, Missouri


We saw Come From Away in Toronto and can’t wait to see it in KC too. It was a really amazing production and the story was so well written. It takes you by surprise over and over.

5.0 star rating Rick Moskovitz from Skokie, Illinois


My wife Marsha saw Come From Away on Broadway in June. Great show. Fast moving & very interesting. No intermission. Very enjoyable.

5.0 star rating Maryann Harpur from New Baltimore, MI


Amazing! I could see it again and again. This play truly moved me.

5.0 star rating Bonnie k from Rochester, New York


I have been a member of RBTL for 20 years and I can say this play is definitely one of the best. Thanks so much for a great night

5.0 star rating Jamie Richardson from Colbore, Ontario


Wasn’t sure how a musical could possibly be made from this story and was honestly more than a little skeptical. Have never meant a standing ovation and applause more. All events are handled with just the right amount of humour and/or sorrow. The music and sound resonated well and we had no problem understanding any of the accents. The actors versatility was astounding and we have spent time just trying to remember who played who and it’s surprisingly difficult because they transformed themselves, and the settings, so well by incredibly simple means.

5.0 star rating Sharon G. from Buffalo, New York


This production is nothing short of amazing. The cast is on stage for 140 minutes without intermission and play both the passengers and the Newfoundlers, assisted by clever lighting and simple but effective stage props. The cast is talented, the music entertaining, and true story of human kindness and generosity moving. The light of the people of Gander in the midst of the darkest time in US history brings a sense of hope and a reminder that the world is a better place when we help another in need.

5.0 star rating Anonymous from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Riveting from beginning to end. The audience roared with a well-deserved standing ovation. This might be my favorite musical ever.

5.0 star rating S. Minsos from Palm Desert, California


Come From Away is theatre at its best. From the self-deprecating quips, to the first wary sips of screech, to the daring kissing-of-the-cod, you, who "come-from-away," are invited to peek into the world of Gander, NL. Jayzus, Mary, and Joseph, isn't Canada proud of the people on the Rock? Humour (love the griddles' scene) is brilliantly laced with sympathy. You may not catch every word? That's okay, you catch enough of Newfinese to appreciate the grandness and grace in small-town simplicity: Once upon a time, Canadians responded to an American tragedy with action, generosity, and compassion. Wonderful score and performance.

4.0 star rating Linda Goeldner from Des Moines, Iowa


We have just bought tickets to attend Opening Night. so have not seen it yet, but he experienced it and I remember the phone call from him and his experience as a then single guy and the hospitality he received. Looking forward to seeing the show. He has come to DM from Madison WI

4.0 star rating Molly S from Minneapolis, Minnesota


This was a great show. It hit on all the emotions; joy, fear, shame, sadness, funny. Cleverly written and amazing stage design. I could go back again and again and again. you will find yourself toe tapping to the music, crying with the characters, and laughing out loud. Everything you would want in a musical.

4.0 star rating Pete Watson from Vancouver , British Columbia


Great play in every way , except for the sound design, incredibly frustrating to not be able to hear the dialogue.! Had to leave 3/4 through last night in Vancouver. Went my Newfie friend , I was driving her crazy with a question of what was said every minute.! Get that right .and I would love to go again

3.0 star rating Sandra from Ottawa, Ontario


Enjoyed the performance but found the acoustics sadly lacking. Many of the lines were hard to understand and some of the songs were smothered by the music.

3.0 star rating Chris Rowland from Oxford Station ON


This was our first time visiting the NAC and so have no other performance to compare. Sound was very poor in the mezzanine. Could only make out about half of the spoken words and essentially none of the lyrics in choruses. I have to believe this is a sound design issue since I have not heard of acoustical issue in this venue. This irritant was offset by great performances.

3.0 star rating William Smith from Bristol, Quebec


We were prepared to watch this musical from 'Away' - namely the balcony at the NAC. Even those seats were $86. We didn't expect the quality of experience you get from a good orchestra seat. And it is indeed a good story, well-paced and well-acted. But hey, are we not to expect better sound quality than this? It's downright annoying to hear a few chuckles nearby after a clever punchline that you unfortunately haven't heard. Some of the actors came across fairly clearly but others sounded like a jumble of mumbles. I have very good hearing, incidentally. All in all, I wouldn't say it's a great show. But it's a very good one - if you get to hear all of it.

3.0 star rating Catherine Reilly from Guelph, Ontario


Here are my thoughts; The band was rockin'.....amazing The story ...known.... minimialist staging...boring... accents and hat changes...amazing Only one solo...sad...she was amazing...choral This endeavour was a lucky break for the writers in this current political climate. Linden McIntyre's current novel "The Wake" tells a more heart wrenching story of Newfoundland, the resilience and suffering of its people and its helping hand rescuing Americans

3.0 star rating Lorraine from London, Ontario


the play was good but I was distracted by the loud music coming from a bar whose beat made hearing the musical difficult at times .... just disappointing

2.0 star rating Ian from Ottawa, Ontario


Loved it, but the sound was seriously lacking at the amphitheatre level - could not clearly hear ANY of the actors when they spoke individually - really detracted from the show. My wife saw it in NYC originally and said the overall impact was much great. Hopefully they can fix this for future shows.

2.0 star rating Paid a bunch and couldn’t hear a thing! from Ottawa, Ontario


Firstly, I don’t want to shed a negative light on the NAC and such a popular play, but I have to say something here. Our party of four could not hear most of the play. I would give it one star but everyone else is giving it five. We were there Aug 24 at NAC, box on the balcony level. Total waste of time if this is typical of the performances and not a technical anomaly?

2.0 star rating Mary from Ottawa, Ontario


Was so looking forward to the play and then sooo disappointed with the sound - could not hear or understand what the actors were saying . I have excellent hearing. I have friends that sat in a different location and they had the same complaint - I have been to the NAC many times before and haven’t encountered this problem - it sounded like there was an echo with the voices.

2.0 star rating Colleen from Deep River, Ontario


For years I have had the subscription to Broadway Across Canada. The hype about “Come from Away” had me excited to see this show. We were in the Orchestra section with excellent seats. We do not have any hearing problems. We could not hear any of the actors lines whether they were speaking or singing. How frustrating. I am not sure if this was the cast or the acoustics of the NAC. I would not recommend this play in this venue, sadly.

2.0 star rating A. M. from Boston, Massachusetts


I can’t help but think that many of the glowing reviews are based more on the idea of 9/11 good will than on the show itself. The actors were constantly swapping the most basic of costumes to switch into their alternate characters, creating unnecessary confusion and distraction. The main set with the woods was beautiful, but besides that the production value was so poor that it felt like a high-school-level show as opposed to a genuine Broadway-worthy one. There was little character development, if any, and so much more could’ve been made of the varying emotions that I can imagine originated from that time. It was truly disappointing and nowhere near the quality of the usual performances at the BOH.

2.0 star rating from Vancouver, British Columbia


Could not understand the lyrics or dialogue because sound was not mixed correctly. Looked like a good show.

2.0 star rating Susan from Ottawa, Ontario


So disappointed with the sound quality of the show. We had great seats but could only make out about 2/3 of the vocals. Come on NAC Ottawa. This should be basic. Too much money for the quality of sound. It’s a musical and this should be paramount in preparing for the show. My first thought was my hearing is getting bad but the same complaint came from my son who is only 21 and sat directly behind me.

1.0 star rating ROCH LANGLOIS from Ottawa, Ontario


I’m so disappointed. The volume was so low!!! Why??? My wife saw the show in TO and loved it. We go back at the NAC with my Mom. We could not get into it as we couldn’t hear anything. What a shame!!! We could not appreciate these hard working artists because their mikes were too low. We pay a lot of money for these shows. What a waste!! I have never been through a show like this. We should have loved but unfortunately the sound was too low. I’m really disappointed.


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